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Group 1 - School and Town

Group 1:

Monson Students’ school functions and school based activities.

Town Department’s funded by the town for meetings and activities, (Annual Town Meeting, Parks and Recreation sports and summer events/camps)

 - No Building Usage Fees

 - No Custodial Fees Apply

Group 2 - Non-profit to benefit students

Group 2:

Monson organizations which exist solely for the benefit of students, schools and school programs are exempt from building usage fees such as the PTSA and Boosters, however other fees for cafeteria or custodial staff will apply when building usage is requested for hours when Monson School custodians aren’t scheduled.

- Custodial Fees are waived for weekdays, but will apply weekends and holidays, and only for the hours on the permit.

- No Building Usage Fees Apply

Group 3 - All Other, both Profit and Non-profit

Group 3:

All other organizations, both profit and non-profit, that request building usage for non-school sponsored events. 

- Custodial Fees Apply

- Building Usage Fees Apply

- Application Fees Apply

- Monson non-profit groups with any prior approved applications will not be charged application fees for subsequent requests.

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Note: Your Group can only have 1 Classification per District and not all Districts use Classifications. Contact your District for more information.
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